Helpful Resources You Can Use to Boost Your Business Right Now 

Frank Short 23-Mar-2021

Elena from New Zealand, a follower of my website, has contributed the following piece in the hope it might offer some assistance to small business own

Good news for Solomon Airlines its passengers and for Solomon Islands

Frank Short 23-Mar-2021

The national flag carrier Solomon Airlines will continue to be able to operate its Friday weekly service in April.

The CBSI Governor speaks to the PAC on the state of the economy and refers to “dead money”

Frank Short 23-Mar-2021

According to a news story in today’s edition of the Solomon Star newspaper, the Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) Dr. Luke

A National and Border Security Policy Validation Process Underway in Honiara

Frank Short 23-Mar-2021

The process of validating the draft implementation plans for the National Security Strategy (NSS) and the National Border Strategy (NBS) is underway i

A Lot of Changes to Lifestyles and The Way Things Are Done After a Year with the Covid-19 Threat

Frank Short 23-Mar-2021

Georgina Kekea writes today in the Solomon Times on Line after chatting with Anna Maesioa the General Manager of United Risk Services Limited in Honia

Lessons for the Solomon Islands in a report on hearing loss in New Zealand

Frank Short 22-Mar-2021

I spent some considerable time recently overhearing loss by people in the Salmon Islands and how an offer I raised with the Ear Science Institute in P

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