Rheumatic fever and Rheumatic heart disease

frank short 14-May-2021

Concern over reheumatic fever and reheumatic heart disease suggests early treatment for a srep throat could prevent it becoming more serious

A Solomon Islander youth ignoring a disability and proving inspirational to others and to his community

frank short 13-May-2021

The Island Sun newspaper today shares the story of Jabez Manaika from Rennell and Belona province, but one described by many of his friends and family

More UK Funding to Boost Climate Disaster Responses.

frank short 13-May-2021

The UK has announced £12 million in new funding to support developing countries to better prepare for and respond to disasters, including those

Solomon Islands is COVID free

frank short 13-May-2021

The work of the Solomon Islands government together with multiple partners has brought about a situation that is wholly commendable in seeing that the

Rural Training Centre at Lopo, East Ulawa

frank short 13-May-2021

According to a feature story in today’s Island Sun newspaper, the people of Ulawa Island in the Makira Ulawa Province now have a new Rural Train

Former KG VI students repay their school with a ‘Wash-Bay.’

frank short 13-May-2021

It was considered a mission accomplished recently when a new ‘Wash-Bay’ was officially handed over to King George Sixth (KG VI) School by

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