Kava in high demand and fetching top prices in Australia says a SI journalist

Frank Short 08-Jul-2021

 According to a feature story in today’s edition of the Island Sun newspaper, Brian Leztuni said, and I quote.

Cattle Project at Atori in East Malaita starting off

Frank Short 08-Jul-2021

The Malaita province cattle project is about to begin just as soon as funds are received from the MPG to for the erection of fencing around the stocky

Solomon Islands largest ever domestic tourism programme wit discounted accommodation packages and 12 holiday destinations

Frank Short 07-Jul-2021

Solomon Airlines has announced an expansion of the national tourism initiative ‘Iumi Tugeda Holidays’ in time for Solomon Islands Independ

?Positive impact of cocoa production in Makira

Frank Short 07-Jul-2021

The Island Sun newspaper this morning reported that the MARKET Linkage Phase 11 Project of World Vision Solomon Islands in Makira Area Program ha

The shocking reality of unreported incidences of rape

Frank Short 07-Jul-2021

The Family Support Centre says it strongly condemns the rape of women and young girls in the community.

Singapore's roadmap to living with Covid-19 may preview an 'endgame'

Frank Short 05-Jul-2021

As millions of Australians endured strict lockdowns this week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the government was still working

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