SBD$10 million dollars given by New Zealand to assist SI roll out of Covid-19 vaccination plan

Frank Short 14-Jun-2021

The New Zealand Government, through its High Commissioner’s office in Honiara has announced an additional economic support of some SBD$10 millio

Farmers benefit from chainsaws through the SEGES programme

Frank Short 14-Jun-2021

The Island Sun newspaper today reported that two cocoa farmer groups in North and Central Guadalcanal are the latest beneficiaries of chainsaws under

Medical check-ups urged for men to avoid getting prostate cancer

Frank Short 14-Jun-2021

Writing as one who is unfortunately no stranger to prostate cancer, I write to urge men in the Solomon Islands to make time for a regular check-up at

Health awareness programme held for Ilia school at Gilbert Camp

Frank Short 14-Jun-2021

 ILIA School at Gilbert Camp was visited last Tuesday by the Honiara City Council (HCC), health school Promotion team to facilitate a one-day hea

Food for thought for the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 14-Jun-2021

Here are some selected extracts of regional weekend news stories in relation to road transport and the agricultural sector

Website updated – to better serve the Solomon Islands.

Frank Short 13-Jun-2021

My website to aid the Solomon Islands and to give news of events occurring has been updated to give better coverage of Solomon Islands affairs on a da

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