Countries Call for Protecting at Least 30% of the Global Ocean by 2030

Frank Short 23-Sep-2021

More than 100 countries have publicly committed to the protection of at least 30% of the Global Ocean by 2030, often referred to as “30 by 30&rd

'It all comes down to vaccination' - say’s NZ’s PM

Frank Short 23-Sep-2021

Tools used in the future to fight Covid-19 don't need to be as disruptive as the ones used now, as long as the country achieves a high vaccinatio

The vital importance to one’s health, friends, family, the economy and the country of getting vaccinated against Covid-10, especially given the Delta variant

Frank Short 22-Sep-2021

Again exercising his duty of care and that of his DCGA government the Prime Minister the Hon. Manasseh Sogavare has warned that any Covid-19 community

Australia is Committed to a Peaceful and Secure Pacific

Frank Short 22-Sep-2021

Australia is committed to the security and prosperity of the Pacific and wider Indo-Pacific region.

Tok Stori, Climate Change and Gender in Solomon Islands

Frank Short 22-Sep-2021

In Solomon Islands, tok stori is a culturally accepted method of sharing information, generating knowledge and learning.

The Piano Association of Solomon Islands (PASI) gaining more help

Frank Short 21-Sep-2021

Readers of my letters over the years will be aware of my keenness to see youths with musical talents come together and form a national youth orchestra

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