Taking a basic psychological view of the Honiara riots and civil unrest

Frank Short 28-Nov-2021

Successively, but periodically, since 1998, 2000, 2006, and last week in the Solomon Islands much as been the same with rioting, looting, property dam

Prophetic Words

Frank Short 27-Nov-2021

In March 1998, as the then Commissioner of Police in the Solomon Islands, I was invited to address a 40 multi-national gathering of senior military of

Estimated cost of S$227 million loss due to Honiara unrest

Frank Short 27-Nov-2021

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has conducted an initial impact assessment over the damage to the economy caused by the recent unrest and r

Offer of donation(s) to the Hearts of Hope (HOH) Charity organization

Frank Short 27-Nov-2021

Yet another overseas correspondent has reached out to me via Linkedin asking how she can donate to the Hearts of Hope Charity based in Malaita. The la

Adoption Inquiry

Frank Short 26-Nov-2021

In one of my recent letters, I mentioned how the Hearts of Hope (HOH) charity in Malaita was in need of humanitarian aid by way of second-hand clothin

Tātou Tātou – (Maori language) everyone acting together for the common good, if only!

Frank Short 26-Nov-2021

A protest on Wednesday calling for the prime minister Manasseh Sogavare to stand down has lapsed into major unrest which local police have been unable

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