Floods hampering Covid-19 response in Fiji

frank short 04-May-2021

I believe there are many in the Solomon Islands with family and friends in Fiji and who will have concerns for the ongoing situation in the country as

Pre-Employment (PET) training commences at the Tina River Development Project Office

frank short 03-May-2021

In a letter that I wrote to the local media yesterday, Tuesday, I expressed my hopes about what I saw as growing employment opportunities for Solomon

Bina Harbour onshore processing plant with the economy and job prospects in mind

frank short 03-May-2021

Last December, when speaking in Parliament, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources MFMR), Nestor Ghiro said initial work on the proposed Bina

Advancing disability rights in the Solomon Islands

frank short 03-May-2021

I am contributing this piece very much as a “sounding board” in the hope there will follow some advice, information and guidance forthcomi

Diet is shown to lower diabetes and cardiovascular risk to boost health and lifespan

frank short 03-May-2021

The Prime Minister recently paid a visit to the site of the various sports venues being readied for the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara.

Solomon Islands again Covid free but let us spare a thought for our neighbor, PNG.

frank short 03-May-2021

Radio New Zealand today, Thursday, reports that doctors in Papua New Guinea say the coronavirus crisis is only getting worse as some hospitals sh

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