Adoption Inquiry

Adoption Inquiry

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 26-Nov-2021

In one of my recent letters, I mentioned how the Hearts of Hope (HOH) charity in Malaita was in need of humanitarian aid by way of second-hand clothing, blankets, soap, towels, school books and exercise books for the thousands of orphaned children in its charity care.

I also wrote about the needs of the elderly widows the volunteer charity workers care for daily.

In response to my earlier letter, I received correspondence from a lady by the name of Michelle, a digital and technology coach, and I presume to live in the United States, asking how she can contact the HOH for information on the law in the Solomon Islands with a view to adopting one of the orphans cared for by the charity.

I please request the charity to contact me as soon as possible via the link on my website or by email so I might be able to give any information to Michelle.

In the meantime, I please ask all those that are able and willing to aid the widows and orphans cared for daily by the HOH charity to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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