Coconut rehab underway in West Kwaio

Coconut rehab underway in West Kwaio

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 03-Dec-2021
Coconut rehab underway in West Kwaio

Since Coconut is one of the key export commodities of the country for years, a rehabilitation program for coconut farmers of ward 28 in west Kwaio, Malaita province is effectively underway.

A bulking site consisting of around 10,000 nuts has already been prepared and will be distributed to farmers when it is ready.

Around 3000 nuts have already been distributed to the first farmers in west Kwaio.

More farmers are expected to receive their nuts once the nursery is ready for transplanting.

Speaking to the media recently, a Member of the Malaita Provincial Assembly forward 28 who is the Minister for Agriculture and livestock, Cloudio Tei’ifi said the current coconut rehabilitation program at ward 28 is an initiative that comes from the interest of people.

He explains that since coconut is one of the main incomes for rural people especially in west Kwaio, there is a need for the government to set a platform for leading a revival of this commodity at the community level.

“Back during the colonial days, coconut is the main resource that people and the country benefited much from through labor (employment) and export.”

“The indication of this rehabilitation program of coconut is for farmers to maintain and expand existing crops that the country has been depending on for past 40 years.” Mr. Tei’ifi said

He then acknowledges the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and its partners toward the program.

Source, Solomon Star News.

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