Donated artificial legs via a UK registered charity

Donated artificial legs via a UK registered charity

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 11-Oct-2021

In the United Kingdom, the registered charity ‘Legs for Africa’ helps amputees live independently, through supplying artificial legs, allowing for mobility, physical and emotional rehabilitation.

 I quote

The charity recognizes that there is a huge disparity there is a huge disparity around the World as to who does and who doesn’t have access to prosthetic legs and rehabilitation services, and wants redress the balance. We use the UN’s ‘Least Developed Countries’ list and conversations with health care professionals to find the countries in Africa that are most in need.

The aim of any charity should be to put itself out of business. For us that would mean every amputee in Africa has access to services that allow them to feel mobile, independent, supported in the community, and have opportunities for work, education and recreation.

End of quote. 

Why not the Solomon islands where there are several hundred former National Referral Hospital (NRH) patients still waiting to be given an artificial leg after having undergone surgery following succumbing to diabetes? 

The number of such patients grow longer as it is understood six or more leg amputations are carried out at the NRH each week

.Prosthetic legs manufactured after 1990 are made up of components that can be bolted together like Mecano, which we call these modular prosthetics. This means that feet, knees, pylons and other parts are interchangeable, which makes them really handy for mobility centres.

With the gifted modular building to the NRH (last September) and now converted into a replacement Rehabilitation Workshop but where there is still only one member of staff to manufacture artificial limbs it will be a virtual impossibility for that technician to make artificial limbs in the numbers required unless outside help is forthcoming from a charity such as ‘Legs for Africa’ recognizing the disparity and desperate needs for artificial limbs in the Solomon Islands.

I earnestly request the government in the Solomon Islands via the MHMS/NRH and with the help of the British High Commission in Honiara to contact the British Charity ‘Legs for Africa’ and to seek urgent assistance of prosthetics and then the new Rehabilitation Workshop at the NRH become the local mobility centre and the partner contact as a ‘mobility centre’ for the receipt of gifted prosthetic limbs and for their assembly and custom fitting.

‘Legs for Africa’ has its own website Legs4Africa. | UK Charity Number 1158697) and its telephone number in the UK is - +44 (0)117 325 8114

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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