Honiara unrest

Honiara unrest

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 25-Nov-2021

Members of the Honiara public are asked to stay at home as the situation in Honiara remains tense.

Police are working to bring the situation under control as crowds of people are defying the 36 hours lock-down announced by the Prime Minister last night.

A build up of protestors from this morning was played out on the streets as hundreds and possibly thousands of people; mainly youths marched from the outskirts of Honiara into the city.

As of mid-day the mob is at the mataniko bridge area as the Police defence line are stationed at the Honiara City Council.

A number of buildings were burned down last night, including at the Honiara High School, the Kukum Police Station, Fantastic Shopping, Oceanic Marine and others.

An attempt by the angry mob to burn down the Naha Police Station was met by a strong community response from the residents at Naha who also managed to put out the fire.

Police are urging those who have nothing to do to stay back in their homes until the situation is brought under control.

Source. Island Sun newspaper


Calls for calm and to avoid involvement in the unlawful street unrest and rioting have come from several sources, including the government, the Deputy Commissioner (Operations) of the RSIPF, SICCI, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church, as well as other prominent figures and leaders.

Political views on the alleged causes of the latest protests have been featured today in the local media.

“This situation will not be resolved by the police, it requires a political solution. It is unfair on the police to expect them to face the people’s anger caused by irresponsible leadership,” says the Opposition Leader.

I am all too aware of the situation during my tour of duty in the Solomon Islands when civil unrest occurred from late 1998 to mid July 1999 (when I left at the end my contract) and the latest words of the Hon. Matthew Wale applied equally at that time, in respect of certain leaders then.

I very much hope the street violence, arson and public protests will end swiftly with all parties gathering to reconcile their differences and there will be a return to unity and peaceful cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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