Lifestyle changes needed in the SI to prevent and control diabetes, including diet and exercise

Frank Short 06-Oct-2021

Writing in the UK’s Daily Mail today Eleanor Hayward predicts that one in ten in the UK will have diabetes by 2030.

MEHRD pledges to improve teachers’ welfare, but doesn’t say how and when

Frank Short 06-Oct-2021

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has promised it will strengthen all initiatives to improve teachers’ welfare.

The Solomon Islands requires collective brains to establish effective security policies and strategic approaches, says SINU Professor

Frank Short 06-Oct-2021

A shift in the National Security context in Solomon Islands needs more theoretical knowledge to address, says Professor David Gegeo of the Solomon Isl

Building a Stronger Media Association of Solomon Islands with funding and equipment support from Australia

Frank Short 06-Oct-2021

The Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) will be better equipped to carry out it’s important role of building a skilled, independent and

Nurses stranded and allegedly living poor in Vanuatu

Frank Short 06-Oct-2021

New Zealand today reported that twenty Solomon Islands nationals are stranded in Port Vila in Vanuatu, due to Covid-19.

International air travel with proof of vaccinations

Frank Short 05-Oct-2021

The Solomon Islands realizes that it must at some point open up its international borders or suffer the continuing decline in its national economy.

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