Looking at the Covid transmission in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 30-Jan-2022

If you possibly can stay in one room as much as possible and keep the door closed.

What the local and regional news is saying about the Covid situation and Fiji comes to realise that actually NCDs are responsible for more than 80 percent of deaths

Frank Short 29-Jan-2022

Dr Habu says that turnout so far has been good, and it is encouraging to see pregnant mothers coming forward.

Will Covid- 19 eventuate as treated as being endemic like flu and measles?

Frank Short 29-Jan-2022

To date, it has administered 113.6 million doses of the vaccine and around 48.3 million people, or 70% of its population, are fully vaccinated.

Trials begins in humans in the USA on a vaccine to be effective against all strains of Covid – now and in the future.

Frank Short 28-Jan-2022

ABC News reports that the shot showed promise in initial trials in monkeys, and has now started to be tested in people.

Is the omicron variant Mother Nature’s way of vaccinating the masses and curbing the pandemic?

Frank Short 28-Jan-2022

A 3-D illustration of antibody proteins attacking a coronavirus pathogen cell.

As Omicron spreads, what do you need in your Covid care kit?

Frank Short 28-Jan-2022

I stress the information I am sharing should not replace medical advice one might have been given by the SI MHMS.

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