Exiled Malaitans donate medical supplies to Kilu’ufi Hospital

Exiled Malaitans donate medical supplies to Kilu’ufi Hospital

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 24-Jul-2021

Exiled Malaitans donate medical supplies to Kilu’ufi Hospital

The Solomon Star newspaper today, Saturday, carried a report saying Malaitans living and working in Gatton in Queensland, Australia, have donated medical supplies to Kilu’ufi hospital.

Quoting from the newspaper article, it read.

In a statement on Friday, the group’s spokesperson, George Anisi Maefiti said they are humbled and willing to assist the province’s biggest Hospital with the medical supplies.

“We the Malaitans here at Gatton, QLD, Australia are humbled with willing hearts to happily let you all know that we have been doing a fundraising appeal to all Malatians residing in Gatton, at $100.00 AUD per head to help support our Kiluufi hospital in Malaita.

“Many of us have been away from home for a long time and the thought of at least giving back something small for our own provincial hospital comes to mind,” he said.

 “We are happy to donate the materials to our Kilufi hospital, with help from Mr. Emmanuel E2N Honiara (shipping arrangements) and Rotary Club Australia."


“Some items have now arrived in Honiara, and some more are yet to be shipped sometime early next month. We are working with responsible authorities to help with getting the materials to get to the hospital and to put them to good use,” a statement said.

We hope that through our example others will be encouraged to do the same or similar support for our other provincial hospitals, the same statement added.

Source. Solomon Star News.


I express my appreciation to Mr Maefiti and the exiled group of Malaitans for the considerate and generous support of the Kilu’ufi hospital with the donation of medical supplies.

I thank, too, those said to have been involved in the shipping of the medical supplies from Australia, including Rotary Club in Australia.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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