Pacific-US Meeting: PM Sogavare Indicates His Government Will Not Sign 11-point Declaration

Frank Short 28-Sep-2022

The declaration is designed to provide a framework for intensified US engagement in the Pacific.

Australia reveals proposed anti-corruption watchdog

Frank Short 28-Sep-2022

The center-left Labor Party promised that creating the watchdog would be a priority before it came to power at elections in May.

Solomon Islands : Trade and Development situation in mid-2022

Frank Short 27-Sep-2022

Perhaps we could be enlightened how trade development is in 2022 given there has been a reduction in round log exports but new marketing initiatives i

People with Disability in Solomon Islands Calls for Fair Treatment in Employment and Business

Frank Short 26-Sep-2022

He spent his holidays busy with his mini carpentry business, proving to everyone that he can do it.

Climate Change is the Single Greatest Threat to Our People: PM Sogavare

Frank Short 26-Sep-2022

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) the largest emitters from fossil fuel, combustion and industrial processes are

A stark personal viewpoint on the seriousness of NCDs in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 25-Sep-2022

The NRH is grossly overburdened with NCD cases, which include

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