While remembering the dead in all wars this weekend, I was honouring the peace they gave us. Lest we forget.

Frank Short 12-Nov-2023

When serving in the Solomon Islands I initiated an annual Remembrance Service at Rove when wreaths were laid to the fallen at the statute of Sir Jacob

11 million funding as humanitarian aid promised me for the Solomon Islands but

Frank Short 15-Oct-2023

Last week I went to the office of a lawyer in Bangkok where I signed an Agreement for 11 million US dollars to be sent to me via my personal bank acco

Genuine efforts to voluntarily help the Solomon Islands being frustrated by scammers and an abuse of a free press

Frank Short 27-Sep-2023

After more than 27 years of trying to remain a good friend of the Solomon Islands by providing substantial medical equipment and supplies in previous

Solomon Islands Constitution provides for a free press

Frank Short 21-Sep-2023

My rights to post my articles on the Solomon Islands Facebook page which I have done for many, many years have been blocked and all my posts have been

Is the erosion. of a free press becoming the reality in the SI predicted more than a year ago?

Frank Short 18-Sep-2023

At the end of April, a reporter and a cameraman stood outside the national parliament in Honiara. They were trying to film the Solomon Islands prime m

A free press in the Solomon Islands today

Frank Short 17-Sep-2023

After many, many years of having my own letters, and posts that I referred from reputable publications world-wide mainly dealing with health issues an

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