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As a long­time friend of the Solomon Islands, let me say the aim of this website is to bring you news about the Solomon Islands, promote tourism to the "Happy Isles” and generate donations for causes in the Solomons that will provide income for charitable institutions dependent on aid and help to give much needed money for local craftsmen and women.

I would encourage you to see for yourself a most unique and different part of the world and meet friendly, hospitable people while enjoying the sheer delights and beauty of a easy accessible Pacific paradise.

Fiji foundation reported to be helping Solomon Islands children with treatment for rheumatic heart disease

Frank Short, 20-May-2023

Last week I wrote a letter highlighting the need for patients at the Solomon Islands National Referral Hospital (NRH) suffering from rheumatic heart disease, a subject matter I have raised repeatedly for several years,

The Needs of RHD patients in the Solomon Islands needing urgent attention

, 11-May-2023

It was a few weeks ago that Dr. Jimmy Rodgers, the Secretary to the Prime Minister, told us that the medical evacuation plans for sick patients of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) was under review.

The second largest school in Malaita Province has closed its doors indefinitely due to pressure from landowners, it has been revealed.

, 07-May-2023

Kwarea Community High School (CHS) in West Kwara’ae with a population of over 900 students, the second highest number of student enrolment in Malaita, closed on Wednesday this week following threats and demand on the school for money by landowners.

Lessons of service, subservience to the teaching of the Christian faith, putting oneself before others and the principles of democracy

Frank Short, 06-May-2023

Yesterday, just as I did in June 1953, at the coronation of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I watched the sacred moments of King Charles III coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey in London.

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