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As a long­time friend of the Solomon Islands, let me say the aim of this website is to bring you news about the Solomon Islands, promote tourism to the "Happy Isles” and generate donations for causes in the Solomons that will provide income for charitable institutions dependent on aid and help to give much needed money for local craftsmen and women.

I would encourage you to see for yourself a most unique and different part of the world and meet friendly, hospitable people while enjoying the sheer delights and beauty of a easy accessible Pacific paradise.

Solomon Islands Constitution provides for a free press

Frank Short, 21-Sep-2023

My rights to post my articles on the Solomon Islands Facebook page which I have done for many, many years have been blocked and all my posts have been from wholly verifiable information, and, in my opinion, the blocking of my truthful and verifiable posts is an abuse of fundamental rights as laid down in the Solomon Islands Constitution for a free press

Is the erosion. of a free press becoming the reality in the SI predicted more than a year ago?

Frank Short, 18-Sep-2023

At the end of April, a reporter and a cameraman stood outside the national parliament in Honiara. They were trying to film the Solomon Islands prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, as he walked in. But police arrived and chased them from the building.

A free press in the Solomon Islands today

Frank Short, 17-Sep-2023

After many, many years of having my own letters, and posts that I referred from reputable publications world-wide mainly dealing with health issues and possible new research intervention that could be informative for the MHMS in the Solomon Islands, all my recent efforts to add fresh stories and referred posts to the Solomon Islands newspaper Facebook page have been removed, or maybe deliberately blocked.

Transforming health services should have been a national priority in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short, 05-Sep-2023

The Solomon Islands will soon be hosting the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara which, although a relatively short-term event, I hope it will have lasting benefits in terms of promoting sport as a means of reducing a proportion of the overall health issues of the population

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