Last weekend the (RTC) situated on Guadalcanal Plains successfully staged its annual graduation ceremony.

Last weekend the (RTC) situated on Guadalcanal Plains successfully staged its annual graduation ceremony.

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 23-Nov-2021
Last weekend the RTC situated on Guadalcanal Plains successfully staged its annual graduation ceremony

A statement issued by Catholic Media said Don Bosco Tetere is being managed by the Salesian society of Catholic Missionary group mainly to educate and implement the skills and talents to young people who don’t manage to continue to the higher level of education.

The group helped to build and manage the Rural Development (RTC’s) here in the Solomon Islands to give the knowledge of a specific course based on rural lives and to provide training for their betterment, families, and communities.

Saturday’s ceremony began with a graduation Mass to mark the successful year of the school and also the graduating students.

During the Holy Mass, the school rector was the main celebrant and was co-celebrated by the brother Salesian priest who was called to serve in our country and schools.

The liturgy was sung with melodies of the voices by the year 1 student and staff of Don Bosco to celebrate the great occasion in the lives of the 85 graduating students.

 Straight after the Holy Mass, the graduation rite was commenced with some inspirational and encouraging speeches from the guest speakers.

During the ceremony, the graduating class received their certificates of completion.

The Catholic Communication media officer who covered the event interviewed the school head boy after the ceremony.

Junior Ringier the school head boy who also graduated stated the success and challenges that the students had achieved as a result of many hours of studies and sleepless nights.

“It’s a great and historical day for many of us. We will never forget this day in our lives because of the achievement we have received.

“Success comes because of the struggles and challenges that we have gone through. With this success, we believe we can make a difference and bring changes to many families and communities.

“The achievement we receive will help and contribute to the country’s human resources and development through the skills and talents we are equipped with.

“This is not an end but the gateway of our education to lead us to higher standards.”

He also acknowledged their families for the great support with finances, encouragement, and prayers to achieve their dreams.

Source. Solomon Star News.


The Don Bosco Rural Training Centre at Tetere. along with the other RTC’s in the country continues to give development skills to students in carpentry, woodworking, and metal craft. The knowledge and practical skills the students gain at all the RTC’s greatly enhance the work opportunities and earning potential of the graduates.

I thank the instructors, administrators, and supports of the nation’s RTC’S for the work and encouragement given to all students.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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