Looking at Covid-19 prevention through the eyes of wantokism and social responsibility.

Looking at Covid-19 prevention through the eyes of wantokism and social responsibility.

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 22-Jul-2021

Looking at Covid-19 prevention through the eyes of wantokism and social responsibility.

The Ministry of Health and Medical services (MHMS) has established new sites for those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination.

The new sites are on Guadalcanal, Western and Choiseul provinces. Additional sites have also been set up in Honiara.

The MHMS advises that new sites have been set up at the Alligator Creek and Corona Market area. Another site has also been set up at the Tina Road.

In the Western province, a mobile team of vaccinators are now in Shortland to conduct vaccination at Kariki, Mono and Harapa communities.

For Choiseul, vaccination will continue at Taro Hospital, with one mobile vaccination team conducting vaccination in Moli.

The MHMS say that for Honiara the Central Field Hospital will continue with vaccination and is open Monday to Sundays 9 to 4pm.

The Honiara city council vaccination team will also set up a vaccination site at the Solomon Ports Car Park Area at Point Cruz today. This is in addition to the one at SIPEU playing field.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is urging everyone 18 years and above to take the COVID-19 vaccination before it is too late.

“Do not wait until there is an outbreak, do it now visit the vaccination centres or go to vaccination centres when our vaccination team come to your area.

“Do not wait for community spread, if that happens it is already too late to stop the spread of the virus and already too late to vaccinate,” he said.

Source. Solomon Times Online.

If ever there was a time before that the PM’s message struck home, I guess it could have been today in the Solomon Islands when news broke that two pregnant women are among Fiji's latest victims of Covid-19, health authorities said.

Doctors were able to save both women's newborns, the Health Ministry announced last night.

It is not known for sure whether the two mother had been vaccinated but since so many of those that have sadly died from Covid-19 in Fiji in recent months had not been vaccinated it can reasonably assumed that they were not.

Maternal deaths at any time are a tragedy, and maternal deaths due to Covid-19 are a clear indication of the severity of the coronavirus situation.

How tragic is this and how many more times will such a situation occur? I really do hope arising from such a dreadful situation people will get vaccinated.

Personally, I think of the need to be vaccinated as a social responsibility and a moral obligation to other fellow citizens. What is so different in that to the cultural responsibility owed to each other by wantokosim?

In respect of the latest Fiji situation, the Health Ministry reported a record number of 21 deaths from the virus, along with 1091 new cases in the 24 hours to 8am on Wednesday. The deaths occurred between 14 July and 20 July.

The Health Secretary Dr James Fong said while the outbreak was contained to the main island Viti Levu, primarily in the Lami-Suva-Nausori corridor, the ministry had seen increasing cases in the Western Division over the past week.

It was the sixth day out of the last seven that the daily figure of cases had topped 1000. The previous day, 1054 cases and 12 deaths between 13 July and 19 July were reported.

Dr Fong said given the rapidly evolving covid situation in Fiji, health teams were working around-the-clock to reprioritise and "focus our efforts to ensure we are protecting those most at risk of severe Covid-19 and dying".

Source. Radio New Zealand

The Statesman newspaper recently published explained some common myths that have been wrongly attributed to vaccination against Covid-10.

They are quote as=

1) If you have a good immune system you don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine!

It is true that few COVID-19 cases are quite mild, asymptomatic and can be cured at home itself. If you have a great immune system, it doesn’t mean you don’t need vaccination. Vaccination is not only for your health but also for others. Older patients and immune-compromised patients are more likely to develop a severe catch. Developing antibodies and protecting against the virus is important.

2) I will get infected by COVID-19 if I get vaccinated!

No, that’s not true, you can’t catch the COVID-19 virus from the vaccine, because the vaccine is a dead virus.

3) I will get VERY SICK if I get vaccinated!

Just like any other vaccinations, the COVID-19 vaccine might have few short term side effects for sure. But that would feel better after a short time.

4) I don’t have to wear masks now since all my friends are vaccinated!

This is one of the biggest myths, a strong immunity can only be achieved collectively as and when 70-80 per cent of the entire population is vaccinated and there are fewer upcoming cases. Wearing masks and hand hygiene must be followed even if your dear ones are vaccinated, it is not always the case that every person you meet is necessarily vaccinated.

5) Vaccines are not safe for PREGNANT/MENSTRUATING/LACTATING women!

Studies are being conducted that showed positive results of vaccination in pregnant and lactating mothers. It is mandatory for the safety of their babies too. It is also safe to get vaccinated during your menstrual cycles as well, it’s not related anyway. But it’s necessary to keep yourself well hydrated.

Source: https://www.iwmbuzz.com/lifestyle/health-fitness/5-covid-19-vaccine-myths-busted/2021/07/11

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