Stranded nurses still in Vanuatu

Stranded nurses still in Vanuatu

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 12-Oct-2021

Stranded nurses still in Vanuatu

According to a story in today’s Island Sun newspaper today, the stranded Solomon Islands nurses in Vanuatu may not be getting any support from the national government.

This is because the nurses had signed an agreement with the government of Vanuatu, therefore their dilemma now is left for them and the ni-Vanuatu government to resolve.

This is the message conveyed by the national director of nursing under the ministry of health (MHMS), Michael Larui, at a press conference yesterday.

However, a glimmer of hope can be seen in Attorney General John Muria Jnr’s statements yesterday that government has plans to repatriate our countrymen and women overseas, including those in Vanuatu.

Mr.Larui, during yesterday’s conference, when asked if MHMS is responsible for the return of the stranded nurses and their families, said:

The contract is signed between Vanuatu Public Services Vanuatu with individual nurses so they actually left on their own.”

He said there wasn’t any agreement signed between SIG and the Vanuatu government for nurses to go and work there.

“These nurses were directly recruited by the Vanuatu government with individuals’ contracts for each nurse. So, before they leave for Vanuatu they have to first resign,” Mr. Larui said.

He added on their return to this country there will be job opportunities provided but they will have to follow the normal process to apply like all other public servants in the country.

“They can still be recruited by government but this depends entirely on the government’s situation next year on the public servants’ registrar,” Mr.Larui said.

He further confirmed that he did not have the total number of the nurses in Vanuatu.

Attorney General John Muria Junior, meanwhile, on the matter, said the government already has plans to repatriate all nationals overseas and that included the nurses in Vanuatu.

Source. Island Sun newspaper.

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