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Go with your interests and your passions”

Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper – 10 March 2019

“Women in Solomon Islands are determined and focused on improving the lives of their immediate family, they get on with it, they are hardworking, they are all about bettering their family’s lives.”

“Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), Ms Atenasi Ata, uttered these words as women in the country join the rest of the world in celebrating the 2019 International Women’s Day with the theme ‘Balance for Better’ Friday March 8.

“Ms Ata believes that women in the Solomon Islands can be successful in whatever they do and in their leadership aspirations if they focus on their interests and passion.

“For Ms Ata, her time spent with the National Parliament Office straight after University paved the way to where she is today as CEO of the Chamber, where she wants to be an agent for development and change that impacts people’s lives.

“It was in the graduate training program and I saw how much impact could be gained for a country’s democracy through systems strengthening of the legislature just by prioritizing the right things.

“This set me on the path to working to where I am today,” Ms Ata told a recent interview with the World Bank.”

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