11 million funding as humanitarian aid promised me for the Solomon Islands but

11 million funding as humanitarian aid promised me for the Solomon Islands but

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 15-Oct-2023
11 million funding as humanitarian aid promised me for the Solomon Islands but

October 15, 2023

Last week I went to the office of a lawyer in Bangkok where I signed an Agreement for 11 million US dollars to be sent to me via my personal bank account in Bangkok to be used for charity and humanitarian aid purposes in the Solomon Islands.

The Agreement was a legal document prepared by a legitimate legal firm in the USA acting on the instructions of a US based donor with substantial funds to aid humanitarian causes.

By my signing of the Agreement, I was then required to sign a wire transfer agreement sent to me by the same US attorney firm, which I did.

I was then told by the US lawyer I needed to obtain a a nonprofit charity formed under my name with 100% Ownership and 100% IRS Tax-Exempt Status in order to satisfy the donor of my bona fides and to ensure the 11 million US dollars would be transferred to my Bangkok Bank to then aid the Solomon Islands,

To obtain the necessary nonprofit status charity document and this facilitate the donation for the Solomon Islands, I was asked to give the attorney several personal documents, including my current passport and a recent photograph, all of which I can do. I do not have, however, the US 1025 US dollars requested as the fee for the drawing up and delivery to me and the donor of the nonprofit charity document.

My reason for being unable to pay then "fee" of US 1023 dollars is because I have to use what little age pension, I get monthly on paying for essential cancer medication, given in 2019 I was confirmed to have termina prostate cancer.

I believe in the genuineness of the US law firm, the donor and my own ability as a friend of the Solomon Islands to see the 11-million-dollar package is delivered as aid the needy, across the board in the SI.

If anyone is willing to help me get the $1025 to send to the US attorney wanted as the "fee" for the pre-requisite nonprofit charity document, please get in touch with me asap via my email nkhwazi 2002@yahoo.com or through the link on my website www.solomonisandsinfocus.com.

Please let us not see the donor aid of US 11 million dollars slip away for the sake of the small amount of fees wanted by the US attorney representing the donor.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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