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60 percent of Honiara without water supply from bad weather

Quoting the Island Sun newspaper – 15 February 2019

“SIXTY percent of the Honiara’s population are without water this week following current bad weather.

“This came after Solomon Water closed off its Kongulai Pump Station in the outskirts of Honiara due to the current adverse weather conditions.

“Solomon Water explains in a media statement that it has been forced to shut down its station due to high turbidity (silt and dirt particles in the water) experienced from the continuous rainfall experienced over the week.

“Solomon Water Chief Executive Officer Mr Ian Gooden said, “Solomon Water action is necessary to ensure that quality and safe water is distributed to the customers.
“One of the reasons for the shutdown during wet weather is because Solomon Water does not have a water treatment plant to filter dirt out of the water in heavy rainfalls, therefore the only option is to shut the system until water is safe for distribution.

“If we kept on producing water the disinfection process cannot kill any bacteria in the water, making it potentially unsafe for drinking. The silt will also clog up customers’ pipes and systems.”

“He said they have similar trouble at Rove and Kombito, making it very difficult to produce enough water for the city.”

“Solomon Water’s Operations Team are currently monitoring the situation and should the quality of the river water improve, supply will be restored to the areas affected,” he said.

“Solomon Water apologises for the inconvenience and advises its valued customers to store and use water wisely during the disruption period.
Solomon Water plans to establish a new filtration plant at Kongulai in future.

“As part of the major strategic plan upgrades over coming years, a new filtration plant is planned for Kongulai and this will enable us to produce quality water regardless of the weather.

“Solomon Water is starting to implement its 30 Year Strategic plan and 5 year action plan which aims to upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure throughout the areas we supply, helping us to deliver safe and sustainable water services in our area of operations,” Gooden said.

“He said a significant donor funded programme is being negotiated and the first major construction works should start in Auki in April 2019.”

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