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The importance of a balanced immune system

New Zealand and Fiji have reported success over COVID-19 with no new cases and an end to restrictive lockdown measures in New Zealand to the great relief of many.

In the Solomons there have been no reported incidences of coronavirus and the latest results from testing all came back negative.

So far so good, but one should not drop one’s guard and do everything possible to try and keep healthy by eating a proper diet and doing regular exercise to ensure one’s immune system protects against disease.

We have an immunization system that protects us from diseases. It fights toxins like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and protects our body from getting sick. If our immunization is strong, viral infections like colds and cough keep away from us. Strong immunization also protects our lungs and kidney and sees off liver infections, hepatitis, and other serious diseases.

 Coronavirus infection is said to have had a greater affect on those that have a weak immunization system and are more prone to infection. That is why all doctors, specialists, and health agencies, including the WHO, are advising us to maintain our immunization.

There are many infectious substances or pathogens around us. We do not realize it, and we take it with food and drink. In a polluting environment, we absorb harmful substances as well as breathing them in. However, even after this, if we are not sick, the reason behind this is our strong immune system. Those whose immune system is weak cannot tolerate even the slightest allergy and fall ill in such situations.

A blood test is often used to find out what the person's immunization is, but when the immune system weakens, our body also starts giving a variety of signals, including getting frequent colds, a cough or sore throat, constant fatigue and slow healing of a wound.

Do take proper care of yourselves by eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise and rest.  The MOHMS and the Government are doing their part to control the import of COVID-19.  We must all do our part too.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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