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31 January 2019

The Solomon Islands has a wealth of musical talent and ability among the youth that needs to be fully supported

The UK based Dionysus Ensemble while continuing to raise enough funds to travel to Honiara and give music education and training to the Solomon Islands Piano Association (PASI) has been very active in staging community interactive children’s music events in three areas of the United Kingdom bringing live music to children who might not have access to it or may not have seen it as ‘their thing’

Dionysus Ensemble have constantly partnered with local charities in the UK since 2013 supporting struggling families so that they could the children’s music events.

Over the years the Ensemble has been hugely successful in building up a regular following of children who love to come to their events to listen, sing along and dance to live music themed around a story each time.

It would be encouraging to know that the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education played such a significant part in bringing music to young children when, as demonstrated by the interest and participation of young people in PASI, there is much interest and un-tapped musical talent in the youth of the country.

I was very interested to learn this week that a local band, ‘Point of View’ had been invited to go to Nauru to take part in the country’s 51st independence celebrations.

It is my understanding that the music group started in 2010 and mainly provides live music entertainments in Honiara pubs.

In terms of performing arts the Unity Chapel Performing Arts Centre in Malaita Province is actively looking for any donor assistance for the community centre for a planned project styled ‘Music with Influence.’

The organisers of this project wish to utilise the potential of local youths in the pursuit of peace and harmony, leading to better social security within the community.

The Arts Centre is in desperate need of a PA system, lighting and a projector.

It is my understanding that a local investor has already helped with a donation of S$50,000 for the project but additional funds are needed for the equipment I have outlined.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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