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30 May 2019

“One who chases two rabbits end up catching neither”

In a rare and perhaps unprecedented statement claimed to have been made by an unidentified spokesperson for the Republic of Chinese Embassy in Honiara, the Solomon Star today released details of the statement.

Here are some extracts:

“The Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy Office in Honiara has described the way some Members of Parliament (MP) are blaming Taiwan for failing to build infrastructure and create job opportunities at their constituencies as ridiculous.

“Speaking to this paper in an exclusive interview, a spokesperson for the Embassy said according to Taiwan foreign policy, Taiwan cannot directly involve in developing the constituencies.

“Taiwan only release its Constituency Development Funds (CDF) contribution worth $1.4 million every to each constituency every year and it’s the 50 MPs with its constituents will decide how to use their CDF, the top official explained.

“The embassy spokesman said Taiwan CDF contribution plus SIG contribution - $5.5 million is sufficient for 50 constituencies to build infrastructure and social developments to boost economic activities and employment at various constituencies.

“This huge sum of money would transform Solomon Islands if it is properly managed to develop constituencies, the official said.

“The embassy is urging Members of Parliament to learn from Taiwan’s wealth of experience on how they utilized aid money to develop.

Perhaps the statement from the ROC Embassy was prompted by recent press reports citing the Solomon Islands government was considering its future relationships with Taiwan, albeit, as I understand the situation, nothing has yet changed with the diplomatic ties.

One might do well in thinking about one of the best of Chinese proverbs which says:

“One who chases two rabbits ends up with catching neither.”

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