A free press but journalist must act responsibly

A free press but journalist must act responsibly

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 27-Aug-2022
A free press but journalist must act responsibly

In the Solomon Islands the democratic process should operate free from government control and from what I see from the articles in the varied news sources published daily and with exception one or more published only at the weekend are testament to a free press existing.

The press, however, must be responsible. False reporting is counterproductive to a free press.

False reports in articles from outside the Solomon Islands have tended, as of late, to paint a false or inaccurate picture of events and occurrences at home, and this has led to condemnation of such reports and individual journalist from offshore.

I believe the SIG has no intention of not abiding by the need for a free press but has been justified, in my view of singling out journalist of offshore news agencies that have not reported the true facts of situations unfolding in the Solomon Islands.

Bad news and sensational news, however, untruthful l, sells papers, and we should be mindful of the duty in reporting true facts.


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