A new city in the making with the Mamara project

A new city in the making with the Mamara project

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 04-May-2021

In a week in which I have put the focus on job opportunities and job creation for local people the Mamara City project is said to employ 800 local people, both skilled and unskilled.

The project is certainly a huge development and one which prompted an Editorial piece in today’s Islands Sun newspasper which read, in part, quote.

“While the development will take place on alienated land, surrounding landowning groups must be kept informed of every stage of the process.

In fact, a mass awareness should be carried out within the surrounding communities ahead of the construction stage.

This is vital to avoid misunderstanding that may lead to hostility and lawlessness.”

End of quote.


While it is not for me to comment on the advice given in the Editorial piece, I would suggest that a site liaison office is established and staffed with personnel able to converse in English, Pijin and Mandarin if it is proposed foreign personnel will become the majority residents of the Mamara City housing development.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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