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SIMA reminds Ship Buyers

Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper – 28 October 2018

“THE Solomon Islands Maritime Administration (SIMA) strongly remind ship buyers who intend to purchase vessels overseas and import it into the country to visit SIMA office and follow the process there.

“Speaking to the Solomon Star yesterday, Director of SIMA, Jonah Mitau strongly remind ship buyers, especially Members of Parliament (MPs) to visit SIMA office, in order to comply with the processes or their vessels will not be registered to operate business here.

“He said it is really disappointing and unacceptable to see people bringing in their vessels into the country without following the process of SIMA.

“Mitau stated that SIMA is the only responsible authority, under the act of parliament, to approve vessels purchased overseas and brought into Solomon Islands to be registered to operate in our waters.

“He said it is really disappointing to see people failed to take heed of their continuous call and pursue on their own desire to purchase and sail vessels into the country without the knowledge of SIMA.

“Director made the call following the sudden arrival of a landing craft purchased by MP for Savo-Russell Dickson Mua.

“He warned that this should be the last for any person to brought in a vessel without going through the process of SIMA, because they are now looking at ways to getting tough on such ignorant behaviors.

“Mitau said SIMA is not stopping anyone from bringing in a purchase vessel overseas, but are doing their work with due diligence, for the purpose of safety and security for our people, by avoiding thrash coming into the country.

“He explained that the work of SIMA is to help do away with risks from unseaworthy vessels brought overseas, which would either a hazard to the lives of people and the environment.

“He said it is better to avoid sea tragedy than finger pointing others for the consequences of someone’s corrupt behaviour.

“ The Director however, said they will still be getting tough on registration of vessels sailed secretly from overseas, to ensure it meets the requirements and standard set by SIMA.

“He finally said that since SIMA is on the transition to become an Authority of its own, they will enact laws in the future to criminalize people who brought in vessels overseas, without going through their processes.”

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