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 SI Govt must fix ‘serious situation’ at Manuopo clinic:

Quoting the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation – 20 March 2018

“Temotu residents and Members of Parliament have called for maintenance of the run down Manuopo area health clinic on Lomlom in the Reef Islands, Temotu Province for years.

“In Parliament yesterday, Aoke/Langalanga MP Matthew Wale said the Ministry of Health and Medical Services needs to urgently address the deteteriorating clinic, which serves a population of more than 5,000 people.

“He said of the clinics across the country that is in poor condition, Manuopo is among the worst.

“The Government must find the funds to fix the clinic, regardless of its tight budget, Mr. Wale said.

“It’s a really serious situation at Manuopo, and Government must isolate it as a top priority, to be fixed this year”, he said. “Even if there is no money, cut some timber and repair the holes or something like that.”

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The condition of the Manuopo clinic is merely the tip of the iceberg in respect of the dilapidated condition of a great many of the country’s rural health clinics and many thousands of rural people are not getting the proper access to health care services that they deserve, an infringement of their basic human rights.

The PM made a pre-election pledge to see to the repairs of the rural health clinics and more than one foreign county with diplomatic ties with the Solomon Island has promised to help the country’s health services but such promises, as yet, have not materialized. 

The exceptions have been countries such as the Republic of China (on  Taiwan), Japan, New Zealand and Australia, plus the EU, but no direct, tangible aid to the rural health services, from many of the other countries who’s diplomatic representatives have been and gone.

In the specific case of the Manuopo clinic why not employ and pay some local community members, skilled in building or renovation and get the work needed done before the building really does fall down?

Overall, a sad picture being painted to the international community on SI rural health facilities and lack of proper medical services available to the communities in those areas.

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