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Solomon Islands:  A suggested B2B portal to assist with business promotion, information and sales.

I have been giving much thought how I might help the Solomon Islands and especially since the advent of COVID-19 on the world stage has contributed to a substantial drop in tourist income, the loss in business income and staff and employees having being laid off with a consequent loss of earnings.

While it is very much hoped COVID-19 threat will eventually be over it could take some time to see a full recovery to economic recovery and a return to work and earnings.

I had my personal website designed more than 6 years ago to bring news of the Solomon Islands to an international audience and as a means of getting aid to support worthy causes such as those in the medical sector.

I would like to think the objective has had some positive help in the intervening 6 or 7 years with nearly 15 million hits and seen the delivery of medical aid, equipment and clothing to the NRH and the HOH charity.

I discussed with my web designer today the idea of having a B2B portal created for the Solomon Islands, a portal which would allow all interested businesses to register a free profile/business page, upload their products and services and get online promotion and enquiries.

The portal would have Google first ranking and each business seller registered would need to contribute US100 per annum to maintain the continuity of the web portal.

The cost of such a portal, I was told would cost US$5000, or SI$41.069, on today’s exchange rate, a very much discounted offer taking into the needs of the Solomon Islands as I described to the web designer.

Should there be sufficient interest in having such a B2B portal created on the terms I have described, please could I be contacted via the link on my website – www.solomonislandsinfocus.com.

If there happens to be a generous donor who might consider paying for the design of such a B2B portal to assist the Solomon Islands, please kindly get in touch.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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