An appeal for sponsorship of the SINU course fees for Rolinta, Jane Mabo.

An appeal for sponsorship of the SINU course fees for Rolinta, Jane Mabo.

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 22-Feb-2023
An appeal for sponsorship of the SINU course fees for Rolinta Jane Mabo

I expect there are few in the Solomon Islands today that have forgotten the sad passing of 16 year old Linta Botha who died within hours of being transferred offshore to a Sydney hospital in 2021where a cardiologist and heart surgeon, Dr Weaver, MD, was awaiting her arrival to examine her and likely to have performed surgery on her heart valves that could have possibly given her a chance of life that she did not have as a patient of the NRH where she had been an in and out patient for 4 years while suffering from rheumatic heart disease.

Street collections in Honiara were held in which over 30,000 Solomon Islands dollars was raised to provide air tickets for Linta and her mother to fly to Sydney for the pr-arranged medical consultation and proposed heart surgery.

The Solomon Islands Forrest Association (SFA) volunteered to pay A$50,000 to cover Linta’s hospital stay and possible surgery, but sadly delays in getting visas for the medical visit to Australia took too long and Linda passed away within hours of the pre-arranged medical evacuation visit.

Today, Linta’s twin sister, Rolinta, Jane, has been given a certificate which will entitle her to take a 3 year Diploma Couse in Nursing at SINU and she would very much wish to take the course and pass in honour of her late sister Linta and her parents.

Sadly the fees for the 3 year course are beyond the means of the family and this letter is written by way of an appeal for Rolinta to take the course by way of sponsorship or by the payment of the annual course fees which I am guessing now are more than the SD18,000 annually they were about twelve months ago.

Please will someone, some business, organization or development partner of the Solomon Islands help Rolinta take the course she has set her heart on completing to honour the memory of her late sister, Linta, who’s own life and opportunities were cut short so sadly in 2021.

Please help.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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