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An epic struggle for survival after two fishermen swan for several hours to reach dry land and safety.

It must  have been a terrible ordeal for two fishermen from Lilisana in Langa Langa who were reportedly caught up during last Friday night’s cyclone and compelled to swim for several hours in rough seas after the outboard motor on their small boat developed engine trouble and their craft drifted towards Alete Reef and  smashed up

Both fishermen ended up being thrown into the deep ocean and their only hope was to swim for shore.

The duo named Patrick and Danny were compelled to swim in the direction of the tide which can only have been a terrifying ordeal.

Patrick who was first discovered by Oibola villagers on Friday at around 9am and later Danny was discovered also near Oibola.

The pair was later taken to Kilu’ufi Hospital where they received some early medical attention.

The story, although one of courage, served to illustrate what has so often been repeated about the need for craft to carry safety equipment, distress flares and for the users of all types of boats to wear life jackets.

Fishermen and all boat owners should also pay closer attention to weather warnings and abide by the instructions given out by the responsible authorities.

Meanwhile, in separate news, the Search is continuing for missing passengers that were on board the MV Taimareho.

27 people were reportedly swept overboard the MV Taimareho in its ill-fated trip last Thursday night.

The RSIPF has so far only been able to recover six dead bodies believed to have been aboard the MV Taimareho.

Source.  Solomon Star News

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