ANZ Bank and volunteers have re-built the perimeter retaining wall and carried out general repairs at the RCSDC

ANZ Bank and volunteers have re-built the perimeter retaining wall and carried out general repairs at the RCSDC

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 22-Apr-2021

This week I wrote a letter referring to the Red Cross Special Disability Centre (RCSDC) in Honiara and mentioned the premises are situated in a low lying area of Rifle Range and subject to flooding during heavy rain, although I didn't know whether the flooding problem had now been overcome.

My letter went on to relate, quote.

A couple of years ago, when flooding in the month of May, caused water penetration into the Centre and the evacuation of the children and the suspension of classes, I requested the then Manager of the RCSDC to obtain an estimate of the groundworks needed to overcome the flooding problems.

 Once I had the estimate, the then Australian High Commissioner was given a copy of the ground works needs and it was agreed the Australian High Commission would assist using contingency funds to bring about an end to the regular flooding concerns.

 Soon afterwards the then Manager of the RCSDC left the job and thereafter I was never told whether the flooding concerns had been attended to, but I hope they were.

End of quote.

Today, Thursday, I am very happy to say that Mr. Martin Beattie, the Country Head of the ANZ Bank in the Solomon Islands, sent me the following message by email, which I am happy to quote.

“Just noticed your letter to the editor in today’s Solomon Star regarding the school. I’m happy to report that ANZ has funded the rebuilding of the retaining wall to prevent flooding damage, and numerous other volunteers and companies have donated their time and resources to repair other areas of the school.”

End of quote.

On Martin’s Linkedin page he also said, quote.

“A great pleasure to be invited to the opening of the renovations to the Red Cross Special Needs School in West Honiara. ANZ was delighted to pay for the new retaining wall as part of its contribution to last year's cyclone recovery and be part of a broader group which donated their time, money and materials. The real heroes however are the teachers and, of course, the kids.”

End of quote.


I extend my sincere thanks to Martin and the ANZ Bank, as well as to all the volunteers and companies that supported the RCSDC with funding and materials for rebuilding of the school’s outer retaining wall to prevent water intrusion into the premises during periods of heavy rain.

I also praise the work of volunteers who repaired other parts of the old building.

Thank you all!

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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