Appeal for a 13 year old child reported to have brain cancer. Go Fund Me Appeal launched

Appeal for a 13 year old child reported to have brain cancer. Go Fund Me Appeal launched

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 26-Jan-2023
Appeal for a 13 year old child reported to have brain cancer Go Fund Me Appeal launched

26 January 2023

A family is now desperate to secure financial support as they are racing against time to save their only daughter who is being diagnosed with brain tumor.

Thirteen -year old Rosemary Leah Kelesiwasi is from ‘Suava’ in Lau and ‘Gwaidadai’ in Kwara’ae, Malaita Province.

She was a young bright student who did her primary education at Bejayme Christian Academy School located in Papaho, Central Honiara.

She resides with her parent at Kaibia in Honiara.

However, the disease had cut back on her quest for education.

When the disease hit, she was in grade 6 awaiting results for form 1 placement. And then Covid-19 hit.

Her parent during that time planned to transfer her to Coronation School in Chinatown to continue her secondary education but she was sick.

This year she is supposed to be in form two.

Reports said, she had been experiencing severe headaches and difficulty to walk since April 2022.

On 23 January 2023, Rosemary’s parents got the most dreaded news no parent deserved to hear. Their daughter was diagnosed with the disease.

The result came after undergoing two CT scans at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara.

Der condition worsened despite taking medications from various clinical treatments.

Doctors confirmed Rosemary’s condition is caused by a tumour that had grown in her brain.

The family was also told that there is nothing more doctors can do to help her with the limited facilities at NRH.

Their hope now is to travel overseas where advanced treatment is available.

But this would come at a very huge cost, something not every average family can afford.

Her parent are self-employed.

And time is not on their side, a member of the family said today.

“And they desperately need support to send her overseas.”

Her condition has been deteriorating quickly by the days, and her family are pleading for support given the seriousness of the cancer, now affecting her ability to see properly.

Her parent said they do not have such money to send Rosemary for overseas treatment.

“We have no option but to try and send her overseas for further treatment,” they pleaded.

They are now appealing for any form of support they can get.

“Rosemary has a bright future ahead,” a family statement reads this morning, determined to find secure last minute help for the young girl.

“We appeal to the public, donors, or anyone who can help us, or help direct us to where we can get the support that Rosemary needs.”

With the only girl in the family with only two brothers, members of the family are trying their best to secure support.

 The family is seek help via online through a ‘GoFundme page’ to secure funds. and launched, which is -

To help support you can contact: 7573233 / 7821994 or 7500780.

Please will you help Rosemary and her parents and family? Come on al MP'S who have healh coverage protection, help young Rosemary, I ask of you all.

Source - Solomon Star News

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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