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14 June 2019

Australia supporting Solomon Islands tourism and helping to boost holiday accommodation standards

The Australian High Commission Second Secretary Economic, Cass Grant, said that “Australia is committed to supporting tourism and economic growth in the Solomon Islands.”

She was speaking at the official launch of the Domestic Tourism Expatriate Survey, at the Tourism Solomons Office in Honiara on 26 April 2019

The report launch was attended by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Tourism Solomons, the Australian High Commission, Solomon Airlines, the Guadalcanal Tourism Association and Strongim Bisnis.

Tourism contributes 3% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the Solomon Islands’ economy and supports the livelihoods of many Solomon Islanders.

 The survey was aimed at providing updated information what tourism stakeholders need and It was expected the survey results would help operators create new travel packages to attract more tourists in the future.

Speaking at the same event in April, Tourism Solomons Chief Executive Officer, Josefa Tuamoto said that “expatriates account for 4% to 8% of all tourists in the Solomon Islands, but the last survey to gather market intelligence was conducted more than a decade ago. “To keep our tourism market growing, we need up-to-date information on tourist preferences, trends and behaviour so we can position the Solomon Islands as a travel destination of choice,” he reportedly said.

It has transpired the survey, after being conducted, outlined tourist preferences and found several opportunities to increase expatriate spending further. The opportunities included offering activities around water and nature such as fishing trips, bird watching, village life and historical tours.

Earlier in March, in a boost to Solomon Islands tourism, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Strongim Bisnis formed a partnership to roll out a ‘Minimum Standards ‘program across key tourism sectors to attract more international tourists, wholesalers and investors to Solomon Islands. 

International quality standards are seen as vital for successful tourism development, and partnership deal was instigated to support the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Tourism Solomons and provincial tourism officers and assessors to do this important work. 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism developed minimum standards for Solomon Islands’ tourist accommodation with the support of Australian Volunteers International (AVI) in August 2018.

 Such minimum standards define accommodation categories.

Cass Grant said in March, that the partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism would boost the Solomon Islands’ national tourism development strategy.


 “This partnership benefits the economy by strengthening accommodation standards in the tourism sector,” she claimed...

Strongim Bisnis signed the partnership agreement.

Thank you, Australia, for the support to the Solomon Islands tourism industry.

Source.  Australian Aid.

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