BINA Habour Project to Set Up Office

BINA Habour Project to Set Up Office

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 29-Nov-2022
BINA Habour Project to Set Up Office

29 November 2022

Today, I was surprised but pleased to read in the edition of the Solomon Times on Line the headline above.

In mid July 1999, the then Prime Minister, the late Rt. Hon. Bartholomew (Bart) Ulufa’alu and his secretary my good friend the late Toswell Kaua, both bade me farewell the day before I left office in the Solomon Islands as they together set out for Malaita Province to see to the early establishment of the Bina Harbour Project then under discussion.

That was 23 years ago and the English idiom that came to mind this morning about the news of the Bina Project Harbour Project Processing Plant and the contract signing for a Tuna Processing Plant, was this –

“Better late than never.”

The idiom is best explained this way -

The delayed occurrence or achievement of something that one desires is better than it not happening at all. This set phrase is often used to acknowledge (perhaps begrudgingly) that something has finally occurred.

I am genuinely pleased by today’s news and very much hope the expected number of local jobs will be created, and I quote the story –


‘The proposed Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant on Malaita moved a step closer with the signing of a contract to set up a project office.

The contract is between Aotearoa New Zealand, a long-standing partner of Solomon Islands in the fisheries sector, and John Staff International Development (JID), which will manage the office over the next five years.

JID has a long history of delivering projects in Solomon Islands and across the region.

The project is expected to deliver at least 1,600 jobs to the Bina area once operational.

The Project Office will coordinate between government and development partners, run design and feasibility studies, and provide the organization and planning to keep all stakeholders informed.

It will be based in Honiara initially, alongside the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), and will work closely with communities in the Bina area.

“The signing marks a major milestone in Government’s determination to make best use of our God-given tuna resources by attracting investment in processing our tuna resources, in our country, by our people, and thus capturing more of their value for generations to come”, said Hon. Nestor Giro, Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources.

In his remarks, Hon. Giro acknowledged the hard work of the MFMR and landowners, who have been working together for several years to identify the land, water, and coastal resources for the project. The recent signing of a Trust Deed between landowners and their elected Trustees has enabled readying of the Bina-Talifu land for the development.

“Aotearoa New Zealand is pleased to be deepening our support to Bina. We see this as transformational for the province and the country, and we look forward to working with the owners of the land, waters, and sea; Solomon Islands Government; Malaita Provincial Government; and development partners to deliver the project over the coming years,” said Kate Bradlow, New Zealand Deputy High Commissioner to Solomon Islands.

‘The Bina Project Office is the latest chapter in Aotearoa New Zealand and Solomon Island’s strong fisheries sector partnership.”

End of quote.

 Source: Press Release, BINA Project

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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