Breast screening

Breast screening

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 10-May-2021

I wrote most recently about the incidence of breast cancer in the Solomon Islands and, if reports are correct, the rate of breast cancer is worrying and regular mammogram screening for the presence of the disease is very important.

There was a report that only one of the two mammogram machines at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) was working, due it was claimed, to a lack of maintenance.

I very much hope the NRH has adequate mammogram machines in working order, and provincial hospitals are also equipped with such machines in order to carry out regular screening of women.

I expect in the Solomon Islands the system exists where women choose to “opt” to enroll and attend for a breast screening check-up unlike in New Zealand where, yesterday, the government announced a new screening programme.

Effectively, the new system will identify every woman that turns 45 and she will be invited to attend a mammogram.

“It mean 200,000 women who will be invited automatically to get their mammograms so we'll have a much better idea of whether those women are getting screened or not”, said a health spokesperson

Each year in New Zealand, about 3200 people are diagnosed with breast cancer and there are about 600 deaths.


It would certainly be advantageous to women in the Solomon Islands, and the MHMS, if such a screening system of notification could be introduced and perhaps the New Zealand Government might be invited to assist the local MHMS in creating and supervising, at least initially, such an innovative system.

Source. Radio New Zealand.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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