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How the need for remote interactions influenced by coronavirus will induce future business conduct and affairs.

In one of my regular missives I wrote about the need for vigilance in the Solomon Islands as the government and the people unite to keep the country free from Covid-19.

In this piece I would choose to add a couple more adjectives like observance, watchfulness and initiative that I consider would likely benefit Solomons business and even health related connectivity in the post coronavirus years.

Coronavirus will pass I remain convinced and my thoughts turn to how the impact of coronavirus has already influenced technology, marketing, home working and digital economy.

It is my understanding that the worlds telecommunication and technology industries have brought in measures with new opportunities to help with what matters most – keeping people safe – by aiding companies with video conferencing technology and practices such as telehealth and teleconferencing.

Many companies have started using virtual reality tools to improve their employees training during the impositions brought about by coronavirus restrictions.

Let me give an exampleIf kept at home, employees can keep their skills sharp with hands-on tutorials which previously may have only been available in a workplace setting. For instance, a technician can practice repairing industrial equipment without leaving their home. Additionally, a wider range of meetings can be held remotely through VR, as workers can better view and share complex ideas like prototype designs

In regard to telehealth practices (and I wrote recently on this same subject), using new technology physicians are able to diagnose, treat, and operate on patients without the need to be physically near them.

Australia is already practicing telehealth and GP’s are able to consult with patients and authorise prescriptions without actually seeing the patient in person.

Fully realising that the full use of advanced technology is still beyond the reach and capacity of the Solomon Islands, observance, watchfulness and initiative is strong and in the post coronavirus world one would hope the Solomon Islands will take advantage of advancing technology innovations for the greater benefit of the country and all its citizens.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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