Posted by : Quoting Solomon Times Online Posted on : 08-Sep-2020

“Having standards in place for the local manufacturing sector is important not only because it ensures a level playing field for all companies but also it ensures that our people and markets are protected.

“Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), Ms Atenasi Ata made this statement at a roundtable meeting the Chamber hosted on Thursday 3 September between heads of companies in the manufacturing sector and top officials from the Prime Minister’s Office and relevant Government ministries.

“Ms Ata said having standards ensures that consumers are guaranteed safe quality products, employees are guaranteed a safe and healthy working environment while government see a boost in their revenue from a broader collection base.

“The lack of it in place for our goods and services poses a huge risk for our country and our people.

“Having standards will ensure that countries and companies that we import from take on more responsibility and meet our minimum requirements on their goods. Doing this, we avoid importing inferior, and low-quality products,” she said.”

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