CDF Funds and community projects serving Malaita

CDF Funds and community projects serving Malaita

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 17-Jun-2021

I don’t know how many Malaitan Members of Parliament sit in the National Parliament and to what extent those MPs have or are in the process of facilitating community or village projects in their home province by utilizing Community Development Funds (CDF) they receive.

I did read of meaningful equipment having been handed over to community individuals in Malaita quite recently by the Hon Deputy Prime Minister and sewing machines having been given by a Malaita MP to a women’s group in one of the Malaita wards, but overall there has not been the project developments that I had hoped to have read about.

I try to put myself in the shoes of MP’s having access to CDF funds and feel it would be important to facilitate community projects that could help to generate change and income sources for village communities.

I might very well have missed seeing reports of CDF projects having been initiated by Malaitan MPs and hope I can be enlightened of what I might have missed.

One third of the national population live in Malaita and I personally think it is important we hear more of tangible projects undertaken by the provinces members of parliament, as I believe is incumbent and mandated by their nomination and election to sit in the National Parliament by their respective electorate.

My comments are not a criticism for I have no right to be critical but I do have welfare concerns for rural people needing to generate an income and especially at a time when coronavius concerns are so heavily impacting on all the lives of Solomon Islanders.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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