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A promised bright future.

A commentary published this week by Xinhuanet said deeper cooperation with China’s Pacific Island countries having diplomatic ties with Beijing will bring them a bright future.

The article, from which I quote, said:

China will take eight measures to further strengthen its support to the Pacific island countries in the fields such as trade and tourism, investment, infrastructure, tackling climate change, agriculture, forestry and fishery, health, culture, education and sports.

 Many regard China has a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions said to be the major contributor to climate and I was interested to read in the Xhinhuanet article that China has pledged to halt the rise in carbon dioxide emissions by around 2030.

The same article claimed China’s relationship with Pacific Islands countries with which it has diplomatic ties is based on mutual benefit and added:

“China's direct investment in the Pacific island countries reached over 4.5 billion dollars in 2018, up from about 900 million in 2013, which helped create about 15,000 jobs in those countries.”

The article also said, quote:

“China cares for the urgent needs of the island countries.”

 In the context of “urgent needs,” the Solomon Islands will benefit from direct investment in all the eight fields China is promising to take and especially in areas that will lead to job creation, improvements in infrastructure, medical services and education.

I believe it is fair to say that the move away from Taiwan has perplexed many Solomon Islanders, who have been debating the implications for Solomon Islands sovereignty.

The appeal of Chinese proverbs has always been profound and universal and the one “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step,” immediately comes to mind as we await China’s promised help, based on mutual benefit and a “balance of righteousness and interests,” bearing in mind, above all, Solomon Islands precious sovereignty.

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 Frank Short

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