Chinese Police assist sick children of RSIPF officers

Chinese Police assist sick children of RSIPF officers

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 13-Jul-2022
Chinese Police assist sick children of RSIPF officers

13 July 2022

Six Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) families were visited over the weekend by two groups of China Police Liaison Team (CPLT) officers.

The groups were led by Commissioner Zhang GuangBao and Chief Instructor Yin Wei together with Chinese embassy staff accompanied by RSIPF Welfare Officers .

Most of these families have children with little health problems, so officers of the CPLT visited them and assisted these families with goods and schoolbags.

They had a conversation with them and expressed sympathy for their situation.

The Team Leader of CPLT Commissioner Zhang Guangbao said RSIPF officers work very hard and pla y very important role in the safety and security of Solomon Island.

 They are good partners and good friends with CPLT.

The team is deeply concerned about the RSIPF colleagues who have difficulties and try to provide some support.

 The assistance to each family is for friendship and goodwill. Hope they enjoy the support

Commissioner Zhang encourages them to overcome the difficulty and wishes them recovery from their sickness.

The police officers, who received the assistance-expressed appreciation to the CPLT Team and acknowledged them for their kindness.

 They will remember what the Chinese colleagues did for them and wish for the bilateral police cooperation and friendship to have more fruitful results.

Source Island Sun newspaper.

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