Closing the gap – with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mind

Closing the gap – with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mind

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 12-May-2022
Closing the gap with Artificial Intelligence AI in mind

12 May 2022

When renounced local journalist Dorothy Whickham and her team of journalist colleagues visited China soon after the SI became a diplomatic partner of the PRC, I recall her saying on her return home words to the effect, "What do we have in common to China?”

Her group had visited huge Chinese cities, visited organizations and enterprises and witnessed something of the huge population, all a far cry from home and under developed Solomon islands

In making her remarks Dorothy was being frank, not disrespectful of her hosts and the visit, but I doubt she and her group had much of an idea, even at that time, of the way in which artificial intelligence was the driving force and at the core of China’s digital economy.

As the PRC develops its diplomatic relationship with Solomon Islands how will the SI be enabled and develop its own digital economy in which local organizations will benefit from tech innovations which will allow consumers to be confident to adopt and use AI?

Looking at China’s use of AI it is a balanced approach that is used increasingly to facilitate innovation, safeguard consumer interests, and serve as a common global reference point.

If AI Is to be fundamental to working practice in the Solomon Islands in the future then there must be training given on AI ethics and Governance in Action, broad consultation and a buildup of trust in technologies.

I hope that will happen or the gap between the working practices of China and the Solomon Islands will long remain.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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