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A Disability Sector workshop taking place in Honiara.

The Solomon Star newspaper today, Wednesday, featured an article saying that a two day ‘Disability Sector Collaboration Workshop on accessing justice in the country was currently underway at the Mendana Hotel conference room.

I will quote the text of the Solomon Star’s article and express my appreciation of the initiative having been taken.

I do, however, raise a concerns about the lack of plain English used in the article and I may be wrong but I have some doubt that the purpose and good intentions behind the conference might not be fully grasped by the audience for which it is intended.

 I say this because Plain English (or layman's terms) is language that is intended to be clear and concise. It attempts to avoid complex vocabulary. It attempts to be free of clichés and needless technical jargon, and should be appropriate to the audience's developmental or educational level and their familiarity with the topic.

I apologise if I am wrong in my reaction to the article, but suggest one might judge for yourself after reading the full artcle, reproduced as follows:

“The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs Dr Paul Mae, who gave his remarks at the event, encouraged participants to make use of the opportunity to share ideas and strengthen partnerships in addressing access to justice in this area.

“I would like to acknowledge the new UNDP project on Access to Justice who today will for the first time facilitate a two-day collaboration workshop in partnership with People Living with Disabilities (PWDSI),” Mae said.

“The workshop commenced after the launching of the Solomon Islands Access to Justice Study report yesterday.

“Participants from government institutions, ministries, stakeholders and NGO’s attended the workshop.

“Three members of PWDSI, including a representative from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, made presentations yesterday.

“The workshop’s objectives as outlined are:

  • To introduce the purpose, vision, and goals PWDSI and their projects for 2020 related to disaster risk reduction and access to justice and other DPOs;
  • Facilitate the sharing of policy developments within the disability sector and identifying collaboration with existing programs implemented by other development partners;
  • To enhance the knowledge and understanding of the CRPD and Incheon Goals within the Asia-Pacific Decade for People with Disabilities;
  • Facilitate the sharing of ideas for enabling increased access to justice and workshop development of legal clinic for PWDs and PSO;
  • Increase coordination across the disabilities sector by strengthening partnerships;
  • Knowledge sharing of the Fiji experience of disability and social inclusion.”

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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