Consider SI’s orchids as an export commodity

Consider SI’s orchids as an export commodity

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 04-Apr-2023
Consider SIs orchids as an export commodity

4 April 2023

As this weekend comes to its close I am returning to a theme I have raised previously, one far away from politics and the headline news the country has been getting in recent months.

When I was in the Solomon Islands I was often fascinated by the variety and the beauty of local orchids and often thought the export of local orchids could command good prices and offer a valuable export commodity to commercial growers of orchids.

Brisbane and the Australian markets are but a 3 or so flying hours away where I am pretty confident locally grown orchids would find eager buyers.

SI orchids. Google images.

Singapore a diplomatic friend of the Solomon Islands is highly specialized in the commercial cultivation of many varieties of orchids, often grown by hydroponic methods.

SI orchids. Google images.

I would suggest the SIG explore Singapore’s help and expertise in creating a viable orchid industry in the Solomon Islands, including the requirement for biosecurity standards that might apply to the export of freshly cultivated orchids for the Australian market.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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