Covid cases in the SI community and strategies having to be adopted

Covid cases in the SI community and strategies having to be adopted

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 21-Jan-2022

As I understand the situation to be in the Solomon Islands on final reports at the end of the day Friday, there are said to be a total of 169 Covid-19 cases all inked to the passengers and crew that arrived in Honiara from Ontong Java aboard the motor vessel MV AWAKA on 10 January 2022.

Prime Minister Sogavare speaking from Honiara earlier this afternoon said, and I quote.

 “We are seeing some people getting quite sick with the virus,”

He added that there is no adequate space at the Central Field Hospital to cater for all the diagnosed cases of COVID-19 

We have no option but to adopt the same strategy used by other countries that were faced with the situation of inadequate facilities to look after COVID-19 positive cases,” the PM reflected.

Due to the very limited facilities, the Oversight Committee has recommended all COVID-19 patients who are not sick, to remain at home and self-Isolate for 14 days.”

The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) has advised the public in the Emergency Zones from Poha to Alligator Creek Bridge to cooperate with police and health workers during the lockdown period.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau said it was experienced that some citizens have refused to take swabs during the process of the contact tracing in Honiara.

“I urge the public to respect and support frontline workers in their efforts to contain the situation in Honiara and affected provinces as we are experiencing an increase in COVID-19 community transmission,” Commissioner Mangau remarked.

Commissioner Mangau urged all people in the Honiara emergency zone to consider this seriously.

“Please follow the simple health measures such as hand wash with soap and water regularly, use hand sanitizers, and keep a social distance of about two meters from the other person,” Mr Mangau said.

Mr Mangau also warned all exemption personnel to ensure they only travel to do work and not abuse the exemption to attend to other activities.


I share the advise given out by the Commissioner of Police for all to follow safe practices and I hope especially front line workers and medical staff assigned to COVID duties will remain safe.

Meanwhile to all, once more please get vaccinated if not yet done so.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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