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ICCTISI micro-finance scheme supports women in Malaita

Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper – 15 February 2018

“THE Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, Trade International Solomon Islands ICCTISI women micro finance scheme is slowly getting recognition and supporting women in Malaita.

“This was confirmed by an ICCTISI office after a group of women have successful received their loan from the scheme last week in Auki.

“Most of the members in Malaita have already received their second loan payments last week after they reimbursed their first loan transactions payout last year.

“Others may expect to receive their loan payments this week and next week, the officer said.

“The office of ICCTISI added that the number of members this year is increasing compared to last year where only total of 150 women registered and receive their loan to help them with their small business activities.

“The report stated that this year ICCTISI has recorded total of 200 active members in Malaita province.

“In addition to that, close to 80 women in Malaita have been trained on financial management and ready to receive their loans any time this week.

“Currently more than 70 women are on small business training program in preparation to apply for small loans from the micro finance scheme.”

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