Family Support Centre

Family Support Centre

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Family Support Centre, Honiara, Solomon Islands

The Family Support Centre is staffed by experience and trained workers who offer a confidential and supportive service and environment. It was set up by the Victim Support Group in 1995 to address the high incidence of domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse. Legal advice and counseling is available in domestic violence, sexual assault or child sexual/physical abuse.


To provide support, assistance and counselling (both general and legal) to victims of abuse/violence; to recruit and train volunteers; liaise and develop positive networks; raise public awareness on the issues of DV and inform the women of their rights; provide educational programmes to relevant and interested groups in all provinces. It is dedicated to raising the status of women and children through delivery of the services offered.

NZODA funded the employment of a full-time coordinator. Funded by Oxfam New Zealand in 2003

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Address : P.O.Box 1725, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Phone : (677) 26999
Fax : (677) 20619
E-Mail :

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