Former armed combatants come together making demands of the government.

Former armed combatants come together making demands of the government.

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 16-Mar-2023
Former armed combatants come together making demands of the government

16 March 2023

Former members of the Malaita Eagle Force and Isatabu Freedom Movement of Guadalcanal have submitted a joint resolution to the Government to deal with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report and Federal Constitution 2018.

This follows delays by successive governments in progressing the issue pertaining to the TRC and the Federal Constitution 2018.

Both parties signed the joint resolution following their meeting at Kakabona, west Honiara yesterday.

Prior to that, they had met on Thursday, March 2 and made resolutions as follows:

That Manasseh Maelanga (Deputy Prime Minister) and Bradley Tovosia (Minister of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification) are to convene a meeting for Members of Parliament to hold consultation with members of Solomon Islands Post Conflict Rehabilitation and Restoration Association (SIPCRRA) and leaders of Guadalcanal and Malaita at a venue and date convenient to them not later than seven (7) days upon receipt of this resolution.

That Manasseh Maelanga and Bradley Tovosia to contact the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and to convene a meeting with members of Guadalcanal Post-Conflict, Reconciliation Rehabilitation and Restoration Association (GPCRRRA), SIPCRRA and the leaders of Guadalcanal and Malaita on the Democratic Coalition for Government Advancement (DCGA) position regarding the tabling of the TRC report and the Federal Constitution.

Failure to comply may result in members of GPCRRA and the people of Guadalcanal and Malaita resolving to other alternatives to address our long and outstanding issues.

According to the letter signed by President of SIPCRRA Malaita, Chris Mae and President of GPCRRA Western Region, John Damusi, they have the highest regard and confidence on your capacity and capability in progressing the outcome of the attached resolutions and will remain steadfast in anticipation of positive outcomes.

Island Sun has obtained the signed resolution signed by the members of former MEF and IFM.


After 25 years those who helped in bringing the Solomon Islands to its knees, who participated in an internal armed struggle costing innocent lives, property loss, the collapse of a democratically elected government the holding of a Prime Minister at gun point and my own resignation believing at the time I was considered to be the stumbling block to the peaceful ending of the armed civil conflict which begin in late December 1998, have finally sat down together as they should have done 25 years ago.

The former militants are demanding the government to table the TRC Report.

I say to those former combatants all they need, if seeking to know how the civil conflict began, who was involved and the outcome of the conflict which went on to last at least 5 years should read my book which gives the real truth of the start of the civil uprising from late 1998 till my premature departure from the Solomon Islands in mid July 1999. My book published on Amazon is titled “Policing a Clash of Cultures.”

I am prepared to send a free copy of the manuscript to any local news editor wishing to publish the true story.

I left in 1990 to give peace a chance but there was so much more I could and would have done for the country and the people of the Solomon Islands as I believe my support with medical equipment and supplies and my 25 years of writing has demonstrated.

 My loyalty to the country and its people has never waivered and I am now nearing 85 yrs.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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