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9 November 2018

Envisaging the engagement of a Manager of a future Solomon Islands National Youth Orchestra with adequate funding support

I guess I will have succumbed to age in a few more years and most likely not be around to see the fruition of a dream that I have foretold I would like to see happen in the Solomon Islands.

That dream envisages the creation of a Solomon Islands National Youth Orchestra made up of talented young people, boys and girls, demonstrating to the wider Pacific and to the outside world they are ambassadors for a country that embraces its youth, develops their skills, motivates their ideas and cares for their culture, well being and societal responsibilities.

I often like to quote Chinese proverbs when I  write my stories and here are just two that believe amply cover what I think is needed to see my dream realized in the context of making an early start with my idea for a NYO and empowering the youth.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." A journey of a thousand miles is a common saying that originated from a famous Chinese proverb. This saying teaches that even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point; something which begins with one first step.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. “

Imagining  the need to fill the role of a Manager of a future NYO in the Solomon Islands I would set about advertising the role and hope an appropriate salary could be paid either by the Solomon Islands Government of by the generous help of the traditional donor partners of the Solomons such as Australia, New Zealand, the European Union (EU), Canada, the Republic of China (ROC), the United States, Japan, Korea, or by the United Nations and its many agencies involved in cultural and youth affairs.  Alternatively, with the aid of the World Bank and other lending agencies already committed to supporting the Solomon Islands.

Both New Zealand and Australia have demonstrated their keenness to help youth causes in the Solomon Islands and both have initiated “Reset Programmes” promising extra aid and support across the board, given the high rate of youth unemployment and the need for gainful employment and technical assistance and trainining.

I know the Solomon Islands well enough to know there are talented musicians and talented teachers available and motivated sufficiently to take on the challenge of becoming a Manager of a home grown NYO and so if the envisaged role I have set out encourages one or more Solomon Islanders to fill the position then pursue the “dream” and encourage the payment of a salary.

Here then is my thinking when advertising the job.

The National Youth Orchestra of the Solomon Islands, will be the Western Pacific’s Great Orchestra of teenagers and needs a Manager, with a full time salary range of S$ …. depending on experience.

 The National Youth Orchestra of the Solomon Islands (NYO) will become the Solomons foremost youth orchestra and, uniquely among other top international youth orchestras, comprised exclusively of teenagers.

The NYO will become a vital part of cultural life in the Solomon Islands and a renowned pinnacle of artistic achievement by young players of outstanding vitality and ability.

We will select highly accomplished teenage musicians annually in free nationwide auditions, nurture them in a rigorous yet creative environment underpinned by unique community ethos and peer-to-peer pedagogy, and ask for their collective commitment to each other and support for every young musician they encounter.

The rehearsals will provide an opportunity for teenagers to learn from you, a leading professional, and to make music with international artists and culminate in concert tours throughout the country.

 The success of your approach will be evidenced in the outstanding quality of the orchestra’s performances, in their desire to contribute to NYO Inspire and in their testimony that the experience of NYO’s ethos and spirit of excellence is transformational and life changing.

 NYO’s ethos and spirit of excellence must prove to be a unique resource both in the cultural music world and in the world of youth arts.

You must believe that it is your responsibility to share this resource as widely and generously as you can and empower teenage musicians from all backgrounds to experience high-quality orchestral musicianship working together at a national level, and fulfill their potential.

 We would want you to share the NYO culture and opportunity with young musicians, whom in other circumstances may have be passed over and have been learning music with the help of truly dedicated volunteers such as those that formed the Piano Association of Solomon Islands (PASI) some four or five years ago.

As the post holder you will be expected to take ownership of the major support target, researching, cultivating and managing donors all within NYO’s carefully articulated donor care culture.

You will be expected to develop a yearly operational plan to deliver the NYO operations and performances.

As the successful candidate you must have the necessary high level music education and demonstrated professional experience as a musician, outstanding communication skills and experience and empathy of dealing with teenage youths.

In addition, you must have a proven track record in working individually or within a team to achieve a significant output, a proven track record in writing reports skills: writing and reporting skills, organizational skills with meticulous attention to detail, Confident networking skills and be confident in spoken presentations skills.

 TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Salary S$ …  depending on experience. Notice period three months. Probationary period six months · Holidays 21 days plus statutory bank holidays.

Well, there you have what I perceive to be the job description for the position of a Manager for an envisaged Solomon Islands National Youth Orchestra.

Will you now pursue the “dream’ and see the concept become a reality?  I very much hope you will.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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