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UN calls for men to stand up for women's rights

Quoting Radio New Zealand – 19 September 2019

“Men must do more to help enable gender equality in the Pacific region, the head of the United Nations Population Fund says.

“Natalia Kanem, a doctor with expertise in Public Health, is in New Zealand this week holding high level meetings on gender equality.

“She has met with Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters, Family Planning and women's groups, discussing health, education and rights challenges for Pacific females.

“Dr Kanem said to make a difference in the lives of women in the islands region, it was men who needed to step up.

"Men and boys are such a crucial part of this equation. And there is nothing that makes you more proud than to see a dad defend the right of his daughter to have her full education and take her place in society.

"Gender equality is as good for men as it is for women."

“The United Nations Population Fund works to improve access to contraception, safer childbirth, and is boosting efforts to end violence against women and girls.”

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